Avnet: Electronica 2018 - Booth Plan


Avnet Booth

In Hall C5 was the big Avnet Main booth. Click below to learn more about the single areas and events: 


Avnet Plaza - meet our Ecosystem:

The Avnet Marketplace was the central stage for presentations, press conferences and various showcases around our capabilities within the Avnet Ecosystem. Visitors could listen to 20-minute presentations during the day and see why Avnet is uniquely positioned to help making your idea a reality. 


- 10:00 Idea: Hackster.io and Element14 presented their Communities: Hackster.io facilitates the creation of solutions that make today's world smarter, healthier and more liveable for tomorrow's generation. The element14 Community is the industry standard for electronics collaboration. It has popular technical blogs, videos and webinars.
- 10:30 Design: Avnet Design Services and Dragon Innovation talked about their capabilities that can take anyone’s idea from specification to production, whether you’re a maker, a startup or a Fortune 100 company. From easy to use software tools for early stage planning to Manufacturing Solutions.
- 11:00 Sampling: Premier Farnell is a global technology leader focusing on small volume orders and sampling
- 11:30 Prototyping: AVID Technologies is a full service product development firm offering hardware, software and mechanical design services, PCB layout services, high-speed design analysis, and prototype assembly and testing

- 13:30 Volume Sourcing: Avnet EMEA is the leading technical distributor for semiconductors, interconnect, passive, electromechanical from leading manufacturers
- 14:00 Supply Chain: Avnet Supply Chain Solutions provides best-in-class supply-chain solutions, from EDI to programs like VMI, Kanban, Consignment and Just-in-time
- 14:30 Value Added Services: Avnet Logistics offers a wide portfolio of value-added-services, from programming, tape&reel and individual labelling to laser-marking, dry-baking or vacuum-packing
- 15:00 Manufacturing Optimisation: Dragon Innovation explains how they can provide oversight, process improvement and optimization during steady state production.

Startup support

Avnet brings together the communities and resources you need to get off the ground with the critical services required to scale. The end goal is a buttoned-up supply chain that’s ready to fill orders on day one. Learn how Avnet is uniquely positioned to help makers on the verge of technology’s next big wonder. Startup Resources

Booth party

There was also fantastic booth party on Wednesday night, Avnet hosted over 3,000 guests (who drank 10,000 bottles of beer!).

Avnet Abacus

Experience product demos from customers we have worked with and talk to our technical specialists about how we can help you take your product to the next level. Six new and highly innovative products will be demoed in our dedicated technology zone. Each has been developed with the advice and support of technical experts at Avnet Abacus, in conjunction with our franchise partners, e.g.

- ParceLive from Hanhaa - A live parcel-tracking service
- The HYPERVSN display system, which creates displays and manages hologram-like visuals
- Parking Pilot from Smart City - A smart-sensor-based parking system

Find out more about Avnet Abacus!


Avnet Silica

Come along and visit our main booth in hall C5 or come and meet our dedicated Automotive specialists at hall B4 Stand 514. Stay tuned for more information on innovations and solutions that will be showcased!

At our main booth, you will find Technology in Action in our technology section. Focus technologies are Connectivity, Power, Sensors and Security. In a section for vertical markets, we will exhibit complete solutions that customers and partners developed with the help of Avnet Silica's experts. Experience how newest technologies turn into complete system solutions that will shape our life and work in the future. We will present solutions in the fields of smart City, Smart Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Vision systems, lighting and Communications.

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EBV Elektronik

Our presence at electronica 2018 in Munich this year will be focused on Artificial Intelligence and IoT. You can find our booth within the big Avnet booth in the new hall C5 / booth 101. The legendary EBV Lounge can be found at Hall C6 / Room 2b where we once again provide our customers with a meeting point away from all the commotion of the exhibition hall.

Find out more about EBV Elektronik !


Farnell element14

Visitors to the stand, which is part of the Avnet booth hall C5, stand 101, can follow the design journey from research and design through to production and maintenance, with the support of demonstrations of the latest technologies available for embedded applications, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and 3D printing. Technical experts will be on stand to talk about new ways that customers can accelerate their time to market by deploying intelligent technology at every stage of design.

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